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Title: Fixing the Future
Post by: ryguy_13_bubbajoe on November 11, 2010, 09:41:50 AM
This was a link on Hack-a-Day ( today and it made me think of Robbie fixing XBOXs and Laptops.

Most of us have probably fixed something instead of trashing it.  Unfortunately I have to admit that I have done the opposite many times.  How much easier is it to just throw something away and buy a new one?  We should be so lucky as to have the opportunity and willingness to repair old electronics.  The last two points of the manifesto really stuck with me:

"Repair Teaches Engineering.  The best way to find out how something works is to take it apart.

If you can't fix it, you don't own it. Repair connects people and devices, creating bonds that transcend consumption.  Self repair is sustainable."

I hear a story on the radio the other day about the "electronic wastelands" of Ghana.  Countries, such as England and the USA, pack their old electronics into container ships and send the junk out of sight.  There are people making money on this practice but at what cost to Ghana and the other dumping grounds?

As people who have some engineering/hacking/technology skills, I think we have a responsibility to help teach others about these topics.  As a benefit to society, there will be more skilled computer people.  As a benefit to us, we won't have the old ladies from church always calling us to fix their computers.