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Title: Dont Worry
Post by: admin on January 12, 2003, 01:49:45 AM
Do not worry, the site is still called Forum Junkies.  Unfortunately, I have done a warbucket-ish thing and have misplaced my Photoshop CD.  I will get a copy of 7.0 from DA and make a new banner for the new forum.

By the way, all of the members from the old forum need to edit their profile information if they want any of it back.  Usernames and passwords are the same.  Also, in the profile, you can select your forum style; if you dont like this one, pick another!  It is unique to each user, and can give all of you your own personal forum experience.

Also, there is an excellent avatar gallery that you may use, much better than the old one and contains hundreds of high-qualiity artwork and images to use for just that perfect avatar.

 :twisted:  - Admin